Semester results are the single that everyone is afraid of(well, almost everyone). Be it a school student or a college stud one thing that always takes away the ‘h’(happiness) factor is the RESULT.

Results tend to bring out the hidden philosopher in everyone and philosophical quotes swim in the air, the common being “ye sab to lga hi rehta hai”( these things tend to happen everyday ) and the latest one that I have heard is “no career without an arrear”.

My semester results were out a few days ago . To view them, students have to login to their student’s account and then the drama ensues. The first one to face the brunt of student’s wrath is the poor messenger who informs everyone about the harsh truth that the results are out  the minute he does that he is abused, cursed and loathed.  Then everyone tries to delay the tryst with destiny by not opening their account and hope that a few minutes of delay might increase their chances of getting good marks.  Any way whether  you want it or not your marks are out before you know it. In college there is this law: “For every student there are at least two students viewing his marks even before he does”. So you see that’s why I say there is no way out, everyone has to go through this ordeal.

Everyone who views their marks tries to look utterly contended and says “Shit happens”. Some pass and some don’t , but no one is happy. Anyhow happiness is a relative term so I would rather say no one is 100% happy. The ones getting 80 marks cry for 90 and the ones sitting pretty high and tight at 90 crib for a 100.

Then follows those long group discussions aimed at finding what went wrong because “PADHA to sab ne hi tha”(Everyone had studied). These group discussions are as pointless as counting stars in the night sky. However pointless they may be, these discussions bring a relief that everyone has someone to give arrear with.

Whatever be the marks some things  like attitude never change, the topper will still be a “ghissu”(book-worm) and  will be  longing for the girl attention  and the failure will still be the one bunking classes and getting all the girl attention. This is really peculiar as both of them get what they want but still try harder to get it a lot more.

 Then there are guys like me who lack both the marks as well as the attention. These are a confused lot as they neither have longings nor aspirations. But one thing is sure these are the guys who give toppers the reasons to top and the losers the reason to loose, pun intended.

So you see marks and result are the cruel things that happen to everyone of us each semester and     however cruel these results are they will be  with us till the time we die in the form of ‘heart-wrenching  grade sheets’.

Amongst all these reasons to hate the results, they give us reasons to bind, to unite and leave us with the feeling that “koi nahi, chalta hai yaar  agli baar phodenge” (let it be mate, next time we will rock our exams).


About The Inward Gaze

An Engineer by profession and a traveler by heart. Someone whom you would meet beyond the plains of reasons on the hillock of imagination in the city where"dreams go wild".

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  1. Amazing fact of life! Beautifully captured.

  2. Ugh I hate results. Unless I did well. Hah! Thanks for following my blog! Yours is nice too!

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