If It’s not Forever it’s not Love


Hahhhhhh!!! Today at last I finished reading the novel “If It’s not forever it’s not love”.  No  nothing special about “today” that I am writing about it today, but when you drag on and take almost a month reading a book then there has gotta be something that irks whether good or bad,  isn’t it. Well, let me form an opinion before you, so  read on.

Nothing new in this book if you have already read Durjoy Datta’s previous writings apart from the fact that 1st 100 pages bore you to the core and you will be compelled to find a place for dumping the book to a non-retrievable state . But anyhow I continued reading after a break of 7 days since i first read the 100 pages and had avowed not to continue (some habits of not leaving a novel unfinished die hard , you see).

The story is a love story of a guy Ritam supposedly killed in the Delhi bomb blasts. The author tries to reciprocate the blast scene, that gory sight of people with broken limbs lying dead and an eerie silence surrounding the place through words but ends up lengthening the description and boring miserably. Anyway the story continues and Deb( yes, as always but he is still the lead character in the novel AGAIN) goes on a road trip with his girlfriend and friend Shrey to find the lady-love of Ritam, whose diary Deb finds at the blast site( I wonder why wasn’t Deb killed, ending the miserable novel there itself).This road trip combined with all those sexual encounters that Deb boasts of, entertain upto some extent. But Mr. writer the amount of sex and particulary the ways of having sex appear really monotonous and anyway unrealistic.  If you have read Durjoy’s previous novels you know what I mean. I mean why not name the book as “If its not erotic it’s not a novel” sounds very apt in the case of Durjoy’s novels. Deb and Shrey have some ticklish moments where they keep you hooked on with their cheesy one liners, and some of those instances such as Deb posing as a reporter to evade police. The only plus point of the story is that it is unpredictable. The end is full of twist and turns with the characters returning from the dead and the poor readers dying a slow death, pun  intended of course but seriously  the end is really full of twists and  turns.

In the end the book turns out to be just another of Durjoy’s love stories which fail to arouse you either sexually or emotionally. So I would say that if you are looking for something interesting and worthwhile, the book will disappoint you. Anyhow you can read it, if nothing else “If it’s not forever it’s not love” will  increase your tally of read books by one, that’s guaranteed :).


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An Engineer by profession and a traveler by heart. Someone whom you would meet beyond the plains of reasons on the hillock of imagination in the city where"dreams go wild".

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  1. i lyk it..!!-

  2. rishb m also liking it now 😛

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