(L)e(O)a(V)(E)- a tale of broken hearts and lost faith


“People with broken heart are closer to God.”

It is said that God himself mends the heart of heart-broken people.

So once again the season of love as the people call it, singles curse it and of course lovers celebrate it, has come to an end. It’s been 19 years and whatever may be the circumstances I always happen to be single at this time of the year. This year however the situation is different it’s not only me who is feeling the pangs of this heart piercing love sickness but my friend Aarav(name changed), as well. So here is the story of Aarav after spending 4 years as committed, really 4 years! singles like me would jaw drop at this feat but friends don’t feel disheartened he too ended up single this year and the best rather awesome part is that he broke up just before this so called “season of love”. Whenever a relationship is down to shreds, you won’t have hint of who dumped whom, that’s the queer part , anyhow as long as we know that the relationship is in dumps, we have reasons to be happy( did someone scream 1 more single girl wow!!!!).

My friendship with Aarav is about 7 long years old. However less time that we have spent together happens to be the quality time of fun filled and never ending ” bakchodi“. Aarav’s relationship with Ayushi(name changed) started in class 11 that’s what i have come to know. The proposal was made by Aarav and after carefully sitting over it for 1 whole week Ayushi accepted it. This is peculiar of girls, it doesn’t matter how badly they wanna accept the proposal they tend to sleep over it for a considerable period of time, just like the Indian govt. on parliament bills and all through this the poor guy happily believes the girl is giving his proposal a careful thought, whatever the girls do, boys always find reasons to be happy let alone the overwhelming urgency to know the answer . So after the acceptance of the proposal followed the regular phone chats. It became a  custom for him to pass by her house hoping to catch a glimpse, even if it meant taking a big detour. The evening cricket playing hours became love making hours and some days we had to literally drag him out of the house to come and play , that wasn’t an easy task either considering his 6 foot bulky frame. Oh yes, and how can I forget the roses that Aarav gave Ayushi everyday and that too red roses, it is a general belief in the masses that whatever is red epitomises love, red roses , red heart, red this and red that I wonder why nobody said nothing about red blood hahahaha. Consider this people giving red blood to their love as gift,  girls stashing the bottles of their boyfriend’s blood in closet. Who knows this would become a new yardstick to measure the amount of love in a relation , in litres though( 1 litre love!!! Howzatt). So coming back to our story, this went along swiftly, everything was fine, good and marriage was on the cards for them until they went to their respective colleges Aarav went to Noida and Ayushi to Banglore. It was then that the real tests began “DISTANCE”. Yes, guys distance tends to bring the “worst” in the “best” of relations that’s when the cracks lying beneath the layers of hope, trust and faith widen giving a chance to foreign infection to settle in, these infections weaken the bond right at the core. So when you finally realise that something is wrong you have nothing to save except for broken pieces of your dreams and a few crumbs of your faith. This is what happened to them, they were facing the crisis, Aarav used to visit Aayushi in Banglore, not once not twice but everytime the need arose. On the outer the things were going well, that is how it looked. Ayushi too whenever in Delhi used to spend mornings , afternoons , evenings and nights with Aarav,  first, second and third base never followed in that order, anyways. He used to show us their pics ( loads of them). We knew that whatever might be the case, their relation would never make it home. This went on for four years until he called me last month, sounded depressed, something was wrong, and finally he said what I knew was forthcoming ” we broke up” i asked “You or She”  he said ” doesn’t matter, does it?” . Silence set in for a few seconds I did not know how to condole or console him, words of advice on love falling from my mouth would be like expecting gold from a blacksmith. The reason was related to Aarav’s dad roughing up Ayushi’s dad the wrong way. So the first thing Ayushi did was to break up, justifying her act by giving some old school “I love my parent” shit. I smirk at this thought, where was her concern for parent’s go when she said ‘yes’ to him in the first place. I have known many relations which were broken due to this girl’s “out the blue concern” for parents, what about the notion of love transcending caste, creed and logics.   He told how he had gone to Banglore for the last time to try and savour anything of what was left. He tried persuading her but Ayushi was adamant and firm. He went out of control and ultimately ended up in jail for creating a violent scene in her college. Ayushi bailed him and asked him to leave her life to never return again.

This is not just one but there are lot more Aaravs and Ayushis out there who fall in love , bask in its glory and then walk away reducing the relation to shreds. Well, I have an advice to offer lets follow this mantra of “loving ourselves” (the Sheila kii jawani way) it would be an all profit affair isn’t it. 😉


About The Inward Gaze

An Engineer by profession and a traveler by heart. Someone whom you would meet beyond the plains of reasons on the hillock of imagination in the city where"dreams go wild".

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  1. nicely depicted story line, would love to meet this guy Aarav. ;D

  2. My favourite line Ayushi bailed him and asked him to leave and never return again 🙂

  3. Ipshita Mukherji

    C’mon, the guy’s dad roughed up the girl’s dad the wrong way, who can possibly take their parent’s insult lying down ??? What she did was right !!!

    • Yep!! may be that’s the one way to look at this but is not the only way. They could have talked about this keeping breakup as not the only option, dont you think after 4 years of being together the guy earned that much, rather their relation earned that much?

  4. actually that guy’s dad didn’t roughed her dad the wrong way the matter was purely official and neither the guy was there nor girl so it could also be possible that girl’s parents could have added somethngs in that !!!!!!!!!!!!!

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