The mighty IPL!!!!


It is this time of the year that whole of the cricket loving community goes wild and mad, it is this time of the year that every talk revolves around cricket and it is this time of the year that whether you want or not you fall into love with cricket and the whole extravaganza surrounding it, it is this time of the year that player have to go out there and justify there worth to there owners as if they are oranges that you buy from market and your “paise kii keemat” is only truly and truly justified when you relish there sweetness, same is here the oranges the sweet ones are cherished for long and the bad ones are hated but ultimately you end up being an orange. Yes guys this is the time of IPL (INDIAN PREMIER LEAGUE) , the ultimate cricket event that has changed the means, the reasons and the ways to play cricket.

IPL is as much about cricket as 3idiots was about idiots. The money involved is huge, when you see it and experience it you realise that cricket has come a long way from being a long 5 day gentleman’s game to a 3 hours of of fun filled entertainment.

IPL has become a brand a business and that too a very profitable one, although the initial money input is high but the returns  are mind boggling, everybody from the stadium manager to the mighty team owners are having a money bath. It is one thing that definitely puts India on the international news for all the good reasons. IPL has its advantages too, for the domestic newbees this is a battleground where every run you make or wicket you take is directly watched and assessed by the selectors ( a shortcut to success indeed). Moreover it is not like you get a chance to play with the likes of pontings and tendulkars everyday, but in IPL the youngsters rub the shoulders with these greats for an entire period of about 60 days, this gives rise to a hell amount of exchange of ideas, techniques and what not. The benefit and the enrichment of the cricketing talent in India is enormous  this sort of thing has only been possible because of IPL.

Recently the IPL has come under attacks for its wrong potrayal of the Indian culture, which has stood for its decency and “sanskaars”. The use of cheerleaders has come under criticism from the extremists and the  so hundreds of so called guardians of the much debated and least preserved Indian ideology have come out in protest, least preserved because the damage that the surging number of rapes in India have done to the Indian image, even if the IPL tarnishes that image as argued by them is only a drop in the ocean.

IPL is a business and that is what it is plain and simple, the only reason people watch talk or discuss IPL is only to make money and nothing else. Being a Delhi Daredevils supporter myself, last night while watching the match I was on the edge of my seat, I wanted Delhi to win otherwise it would be their 4 straight loss in a row, so me there cheering with every six that Warner hit and cursing with every wicket that fell. But in midst of my sine wave like emotions I noticed very peculiar thing that, some people were equally happy when the Delhi wicket fell and the same set of people were again celebrating when a six was hit, so I asked my friend about it only to be told that there is this online competition that goes on the IPL site in which the users have to select their team before each match and the points are awarded to the user according to the performance of the players in there virtual team. Hah!!! every user an owner of a team you see , I felt privileged sitting amidst so many team owners. Anyways the point here is no matter the Delhi wins or the Mumbai its the virtual team that they are cheering for.

So I went back and registered on the site myself and became a proud owner of pontings gayles and tendulkars. Next time I was also happy because whatever the outcome of the match is I am cheering for my team no Delhi no Mumbai, fuck them I have my own team now that’s right; all cheers “PLayers”(the name of my team).  🙂


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  1. I agree !! While on this, please read my post – ” April and the IPL Typhoid”.
    Feedback welcome !

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