Is INDIA really Developing?

Ting! Ting!  The sound of a stick hitting an empty vessel, a broken comb, a rubber tire, a child in tattered pyjamas, a fragile mother carrying the weight of an impulsive act done in the moment of  short lived pleasure in her arms, this is the regular sight in a compartment of a Chennai local, precisely these are the signs of an emerging or rather I should term it as an ” on the move” India.  Yea!! guys truly, critically and vaguely India is swaggering towards the emptiness of developed world, thus being one more in the long list of being developed with low happiness quotient.

Inching towards me, as I take the local to go and watch the latest Hollywood blockbuster is a child of about 7 years with moist eyes, upper lip wet with mucus, forehead darkened as if the nature has made a sketch on the canvas with the color of soot and various metal oxides. A gifted painter indeed, the nature, but I wonder if the canvas depicts more than just the impeccable artistic quality of the nature. It shows us glimpses of “what is coming”, it raises the curtain from the harsh truth, the truth about the development and its implications on our society?

Development that has made rich richer and poor poorer, fruits of which are bore by this juvenile standing before me with folded hands and moist eyes. Even before he knows it, he will be trapped in this world of begging business and the chains of poverty clasped around his neck. The question is “Are we really developing” if rising number of rapes, increasing count of beggars and shrinking water bodies are any indications of development then yes we are developing, yes we are moving ahead. Cheer up guys!!! India is developing at great pace.

People like me talk, write and think about changing something but they seldom do. The child stood before me begging  and without looking into his eyes, I turned my head and my eyes followed the speeding trees outside.


“thoda theherne kii zarurat hai,

thoda sochne kii zarurat hai

agar bharat ko aage badhana hai

pehle aaj ko, uske baad kal ko sudhaarne kii zarurat hai”


About The Inward Gaze

An Engineer by profession and a traveler by heart. Someone whom you would meet beyond the plains of reasons on the hillock of imagination in the city where"dreams go wild".

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  1. Hi well written. Keep going !

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