IUCF -2013


Another day and one more week has come to an end. Vacations, no matter how long or short they are, always tend to be a hastily spent affair. And this deep self realization stares right at you at the end of each day, irking you and compelling you be a little more ” time caring “, but every day the same story until the night you find yourself packing your bags, only to leave the next day lamenting at one more vacation gone futile in “awaragardi” as this is the more “social ” term for the act done throughout vacations.
With the end of this week came the end of a very vibrant, social and emotional “IUCF-2013(INTER UNIT CULTURAL FESTIVAL)”. No guys it’s not from the list of those utterly exasperating and tormenting Indian festivals rather it’s just a social festival that our company celebrates in order to inculcate some cultural and social values in the ” not good for anything youth” , sounds naive doesn’t it. Well howsoever naive it is, the festival spans hell of a week long,  combine it with this hot weather and it makes it  rather ” sweaty” affair. So every unit of this company brings in a team of what they call “well practiced and talented dancers” to compete with each other and win the trophy for their unit. Let’s not go into these details as it will be one more of a sweaty affair for me and a boring affair for you. Every unit is given a specific day and 2.5 hours to perform. So having 7 units in all makes this festival a one week affair. Some people have a passion of doing things and others have a knack of doing things. So I happen to have a knack of attending this festival, every day of the complete “hafta” (week) I used to sit there all through the program. Yeah!! That’s the boring me that comes out from time to time.


Some programs were good and some were worth scoffing at. Since when were cultural festivals in India all about our desi ” Indian culture” . Someone explain them that all that todays audience wants is paisa wasool or in this case ” time wasool” entertainment. When you try to be so deeply engrossed in projecting the long lost and forgotten Indian culture, that’s when your mind and heart both go into a sleep at the same time. I mean some units had taken the “CULTURAL” thing in the word too seriously that they ended up being flat. And the audience on their part was left in a dizzy.


I still remember the last IUCF held in IFFCO AONLA . It was way back in 2004, remembering it stirs and opens a can of memories. I remember two of my friends dancing to the tune of a greatly loved and worshiped song goddess Durga. Much has changed since that IUCF, time took its toll on those friendships and IUCF is just one of its reminiscence. The solo performance and the ” thali act” by one of my friends was one of its kind, and though everyday i go and sit there longing to see something of that sort, that level that benchmark is a bit too high for the dancers this time. Anyhow what started on a low note slowly and steadily in due course turned out to be a houseful. The last night performances of Aonla, and few other performances of Paradeep and Kandla were a stunner. The effort of the participants and the time devoted by their respective dance trainers could be seen and was expressed soulfully on the stage. The participants had prepared tirelessly for the event for two months. The stage, the lights and the drama surely paved the way for some mind refreshing, heartwarming and nerve soothing action.


In the end the IUCF was in a way able to strike a chord with the audience. The lights and sound department was spic. And again accolades for the participants and the coordinators.So summing it up the IUCF-2013 was “something that ends well is something gone well”, if you know what I mean 😉



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  1. Rishabh ….a really good narration of IUCF-2013 …..didn’t know that you write so well …keep it up….Garg Uncle

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