A book Review of “The Best of Me”- by Nicholas Sparks


The novel excerpts

“He was a solitary figure in a vast landscape while she was a face in a nameless crowd”

 This morning I finished reading Nicholas sparks “the best of me”. The novel is a conventional Nicholas sparks love story that has everything in it from sacrifice to selfless love. One more thing that this novel teaches us is this common but most misunderstood concept of ” logical love“, and not some “phatehaal ashiqui ” that our Indian authors are quite versed at portraying.

The story ” the best of me” is a story of Amanda and Dawson, who fall in love in their teens. The usual hangouts and loveish gestures follow. But like every other love story they too are separated before they can even experience the full idea of this thing called love. Well no love story is ever complete without the lovers being separated for at least once. It adds this flavor of pain and longing you see and readers tend to enjoy these different flavors. But the author just as well knows where to put the lid on these feelings, after all you can’t expect the reader to go on lamenting the loss of other’s lover, and that’s where the novel wins your heart. So after this Amanda and Dawson are separated for a period of 20 years only to accidentally meet up at the funeral of a common friend and then the drama continues. One of them has moved on with their life and the other still feeling the pangs of separation and guilt. Then once again the sparks fly and the story continues.

The sheer pace of the novel is engrossing. Neither very fast nor very slow, the novel moves at a constant pace thus giving its readers time to mesmerize, feel and absorb each character. The characters in the story are although few but you never feel bored. Instances such as when Dawson tells himself  “ it is easy to live while expecting that she has moved on and it is entirely different thing to live while knowing for certain that she has moved on”, are quite a few which linger in your mind for quite some time, thus giving you a blissful time. The plane and apt nature of love expressed in the novel is mesmeric. In one of its lines it saysLove, after all, always said more about those who felt it than it did about the ones they loved”, which more or less defines  love in  a sparkling way.   Like every other spark’s novels this one also gives one more definition to love.

The narration wins your heart and is explicit in reciprocating the subject. But towards the end the novel seems to lag a bit, it becomes quite predictable and anyone who has read even those trashy love stories can easily guess the end. Although, it is this predictive nature that keeps the reader on the edge throughout the story because that is what the readers really can relate to.

So in my view this is a typical love story that portrays one more of the numerous colors of love and that is “sacrifice“, albeit any twist and turns. Thus for anyone who wants to experience this color of love, this is a must read, and for others who want some thrill or suspense it’s simply not your cup of tea.

As  Dawson tells Amanda:-

You have the Best Of Me….”

Well to see  if  he truly  stands by his words do read this epic and may  you have “the best of it”.


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