India spitting :)


Mr. PM of India is doing everything he can to deliver on his selection err election promises, from bringing in the dollars to throwing away the “kachra” away from India. But i am man of limited wants and immediate needs. I am a common man of India and inflation is not my concern but spiraling prices of aaloo-pyaaz are( I don’t know why these two fuckers always occus in pairs), no I am not concerned with the fiscal deficit but cutting interest on my hard earned or hardly earned ( pun intended) “kamaai” is well within my interests. Thus this is the magnanimous problem of our mentality of immediate needs.

Our country is going head over heels with this “swachch bharat” campaign. Everybody is suddenly interested in wielding the broom hoping to make bharat clean by 2019. But ask yourself can this really happen, if it does I am offering the only precious thing I have, my halls, coz I have already lost my “izzat”(respect) when I failed JEE twice. We have this love for thooking(spitting) at everything. Take this, two boys having an argument over a topic is not our concern but the number of times they spit on the ground just to overemphasize on their expletives as the argument goes on surely is. The noticeable thing is that the thook(spit) is always at the intended mark on  the ground it lands everywhere but not on the feet of the thooker(spitter), great shooter err spatter I must say.

Experts say that even if each countrymen takes even the 10 meter area surrounding him and ensures that it is clean then no “maa ka beta”can dirty it. But this idea is as preposterous as the campaign of “each one teach one.” Let us say even if it happens what then, does India becomes epic and span. Haha hold that bad thought right there because we are masters in this art of thooking(spitting) we will aim and the phlegm will just cross that 10 metre mark around us. Same applies to littering other than confines of the 10 metre we will litter the area beyond it.

Cleaning is good but disposal is better because believe me “etiquette and dust bins just don’t exist here”. There should be a proper disposal system in the country. The bio degradable waste will take care of itself we need to take care of the non biodegradable waste. It should be made sure so that the next time someone argues a dustbin is there sitting beside them slurping the “thook”. That should be the motive of “swach bharat abhiyaan”. Take a pledge and keep at least one dustbin beyond the boundary of your house.


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An Engineer by profession and a traveler by heart. Someone whom you would meet beyond the plains of reasons on the hillock of imagination in the city where"dreams go wild".

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