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Empowerment, the buzzword.

Empowerment is defined by the Oxford Dictionary as “the process of becoming stronger and more confident especially in controlling their lives and claiming one’s rights.”The question being asked in the Indian context is that if voicing my opinion on social media initiates this process. Even if it would how would  it sustain. Let uss read a story to understand this

Dhani is a daily wage labourer who works in a Government funded construction project. He barely manages two square meals a day but lives in a pucca house that is given to him as a dole under a Government housing scheme for poor. He curses the government for his pitiful condition but no matter what life goes on. Munni and Chunni are the daughters of Dhani Ram. They know about the prevalent social condition in India and feel strongly about freedom to women and their social rights but rather than being fatalistic, they approach life in very different ways.

Munni likes to go to school . Although being from a conservative family she is not allowed to go outside the house after 8 in the evening yet she happens to manage. She knows the importance of education and keeps doing what any school going student in India is expected to, gain knowledge and pass the exams. She overcomes the obstacles and later on becomes an astronaut. She writes a book about her experiences and how she overcomes  the ups and downs to become an individual in her own right . The whole world listens and appreciates the book

Chunni on the other hand is a bit different. She is vociferous about the issues pertaining to women rights. The constant hankering by her parents about her womanly duties irritates her. She decides to change a few things at home and in society by taking part in student agitations and dharnas. She is after all born in free and liberal India which guarantees equality for all. However in the midst of this charged atmosphere she misses out on her studies. Today Chunni is still living in that Government funded house just a few blocks away from her father’s house. She still keeps herself active by taking part in fashionable and seasonal dharnas.

The story is simple to understand but the cues from it are relevant in today’s digital India. Youth of today should understand that the start of any change is through Education and knowledge. No doubt through social media it is easy to reach the masses and propel your opinion on the national scale but if ill founded these ideas no matter how worthy lose steam and fizzle out.The college going youth must be aware of the political backing of the ideas and should make informed choice that have both the self and societal goods attached to it.  


India spitting :)


Mr. PM of India is doing everything he can to deliver on his selection err election promises, from bringing in the dollars to throwing away the “kachra” away from India. But i am man of limited wants and immediate needs. I am a common man of India and inflation is not my concern but spiraling prices of aaloo-pyaaz are( I don’t know why these two fuckers always occus in pairs), no I am not concerned with the fiscal deficit but cutting interest on my hard earned or hardly earned ( pun intended) “kamaai” is well within my interests. Thus this is the magnanimous problem of our mentality of immediate needs.

Our country is going head over heels with this “swachch bharat” campaign. Everybody is suddenly interested in wielding the broom hoping to make bharat clean by 2019. But ask yourself can this really happen, if it does I am offering the only precious thing I have, my halls, coz I have already lost my “izzat”(respect) when I failed JEE twice. We have this love for thooking(spitting) at everything. Take this, two boys having an argument over a topic is not our concern but the number of times they spit on the ground just to overemphasize on their expletives as the argument goes on surely is. The noticeable thing is that the thook(spit) is always at the intended mark on  the ground it lands everywhere but not on the feet of the thooker(spitter), great shooter err spatter I must say.

Experts say that even if each countrymen takes even the 10 meter area surrounding him and ensures that it is clean then no “maa ka beta”can dirty it. But this idea is as preposterous as the campaign of “each one teach one.” Let us say even if it happens what then, does India becomes epic and span. Haha hold that bad thought right there because we are masters in this art of thooking(spitting) we will aim and the phlegm will just cross that 10 metre mark around us. Same applies to littering other than confines of the 10 metre we will litter the area beyond it.

Cleaning is good but disposal is better because believe me “etiquette and dust bins just don’t exist here”. There should be a proper disposal system in the country. The bio degradable waste will take care of itself we need to take care of the non biodegradable waste. It should be made sure so that the next time someone argues a dustbin is there sitting beside them slurping the “thook”. That should be the motive of “swach bharat abhiyaan”. Take a pledge and keep at least one dustbin beyond the boundary of your house.

“Sex Education” Can Indian youth do without it?

sex education

Last Week Dr. Harshvardhan, the Health minister of India, created a furore by expressing his views on “sex”, that is still a taboo in this part of the world. He suggested of doing away with sex education in schools and instead talked of inculcating abstinence and yogic values in the young minds.

I remember the first time I had my “fall” it was during while watching a semi explicit scene from a Hollywood movie, that had Drew Barrymore doing a car wash, as a matter of fact this much is enough for anyone at that time to go weak between his knees and when I mention hot-pants and a string top, the temperatures is sure to go up a few notches. But this was the time when the internet hadn’t taken over our lives completely and we were still dependent on fashion TV and HBO for our daily dose of sexual content. What followed it were beads of perspiration, feeling of loosening of legs and a flaccid penis. A child with no knowledge of what was happening to him is bound to get frightened and impatient at the sight of slimy white fluid trickling down. This impatience in our days led us to flicking between the Hollywood channels in search of anything explicit. In those days even a girl in a skirt excited us to limitless extents. But this is not the case now, today in the internet age you don’t have to go looking for the sexually explicit content just click a button and you can visit any female part in detail. So the sex education becomes all the more important.

In India, sex education starts in 10th standard with a chapter on “reproduction”, talks of every organism except “homo-sapiens”. It gives just a fleeting reference to post puberty changes in male and female body. The problem is how we in India view “sex”. Instead of referring to it in the same way as any other natural process. The mention of the word follows by giggles from teenagers and a stoic silence from the parents. The condom ads on the TV still evoke a discomfort of sorts when the whole family is watching the television together.

“filthy” is how sex is defined in India precisely and something that is filthy “we Indians are a cleaner lot, we don’t talk filth”, but given India’s ever and overgrowing population I think the definition of “filth” is different behind those four walls.

The need of the hour is to introduce sex education from Class 5th itself, the tender minds should be exposed to “reproduction” in a constructive manner much before they know what “porn” is.  Mr. Harshvardhan’s idea of introducing yoga and values instead of sex in curriculum in this age of internet does not cut ice, acting noble does not make one noble one has to think noble.

The common man isn’t so common after all!!! :)


Alexander died protecting it, Kauravas craved for it and now the leaders in Delhi are doing everything to keep away from it, this is the alluring nature of power, up-till now we thought that people desire, crave and die for power but these Delhi assembly elections have been myth busterz.
At first the pre poll hype offered everyone ample amount of food for thought. The anti incumbency against the ruling party, the so called ‘modi wave’ that had gripped the entire nation was sensical in ways that can be understood by any Aaam aadmi of India, the winds of win were blowing in the favour of the opposition until a new player entered into the foray, this player had nothing to lose and was born out of a movement against corruption, incompetent leaders at the centre and the so called bad practices in Indian bureaucracy that is slowly eating away the whole system. This new player is one of us the common people of India, he is the ‘aam aadmi’ of India, yes people welcome the new player Mr. Arvind Kejriwal who has formed his own party name AAM AADMI PARTY. This party has changed the basic fabric of the Indian democracy. It has done nothing but has just given an alternative option to the Indian people, an option that promises an honest government. And the results reflect that.  This new party barely a year old has given a thrashing to the big players of the Indian political system, with 28 seats in its kitty.

The people from all walks of life are already talking about an awakening that is akin to the revolution and has the potential to change the common perception of the Indian politics. Kejriwal has mastered this new kind of political campaigning called ‘door to door campaign’, the party has a detailed list of its election funding on its website, these measures helped the ‘AAP’ connect with the common public and its manifesto that boasts of 50 percent reduction in electricity tariffs and an unaltered ‘Lokpal bill’ was more than enough to give the people of delhi already plagued by a variety of social issues and a weak governance a shimmer of hope, a ray of light.

Whatever said or done ‘AAP’ has shown that politics can still be played by ethical rules and moral rules, this has redeemed the common man’s faith in politics. Forming the government and fulfilling their said promises is altogether a different ball game, but what this party has done is, it has given birth to an awakening that will transpire and motivate many more Kejriwals to not just have a vision about the corruption free India but to join the political bandwagon themselves and to play it out in the open.

While the question mark still remains over whether Delhi will get a government or will it have to make its voice be heard once again. The script of ‘change’ is ready and the stage of Delhi is set but will the actors be able to play their part with conviction?

Indian Politicians are no more a protected specie


This Semester I have gone back to my old love, the undemanding and unconditional and “sada-bahaar” love of reading. With three novels already read  and long hours spent on reading newspapers everyday I have become a reading buff lately. So much so that one day my room mate inquired if I really leave anything unread including those matrimonial ads and tender notices. Whatever said or made of this reading, I am sure that nothing happens in this world without me noticing it in the newspaper. So last week while having the breakfast and having a look at the top stories I noticed the headlines in a  leading daily screaming at the top of the page or voice or whatever “Rahul Gandhi slams the ordinance”, and in a matter of seconds due to this act of the CONGRESS VP “politicians are no more a protected species”.

The entry of Rahul Gandhi during the Pune conference is being touted as a politically staged act. With Ajay Maken, the AICC General Secretary supporting the bill vociferously and Manmohan Singh on his visit to US everything was hunky dory till the unthinkable happened. Rahul Gandhi, in the past has been accused of being soft on issues of public importance, and with the Lok Sabha elections approaching this image really makes him weak against the dynamic and the hard lineist Narendra Modi. Rahul Gandhi when asked to comment on the ordinance protecting the tainted ministers,with assertion remarked “this is a piece of trash that should be thrown away”.

Although the choice of words was not too diplomatic and considering the fact that the ordinance had been approved by the Congress brass, the young leader not only indirectly accused the top congress leaders of passing a piece of trash but also took a stand that he generally refrains from. This remark not only sent shock-waves throughout the country but also overshadowed the PM’s bilateral meeting with Nawaz Sharif which until yesterday was the much hyped and discussed news. Ajay Maken who was supporting the bill in the conference was left red faced and retracted from his pro-ordinance stance, displaying an act of astute indecisiveness.

Now that Rahul Gandhi has rejected it, the ordinance is bound to be taken back during the nest session of the parliament. But the people are wondering “how can a decision so important, pass without being noiced by Rahul Gandhi who is in the core committee of the Congress”. “Was it really the public sentiment that drove Rahul Gandhi to reject the bill publicly in this way or is it a strategy of garnering support for Rahul Gandhi before next Lok Sabha elections at the cost of the PM who has nothing to lose as far as political image is concerned”.

Whatever be the reason or strategy whether political or social this timely intervention of the Gandhi scion has saved Congress from facing public outcry had the ordinance passed before the ruling of the trial court in the Fodder Scam which would have saved one of the key Congress allies. This has also prevented future law breakers from contesting in polls, rightly said “a stitch in time saves nine.”

But the all said and done the question yet to be answered is “is public so dumb to not see through this  two faced politics”. These upcoming will surely be a curtain raiser will tell us truly which way the wind blows till then enjoy this desi show of masala politics.

Is INDIA really Developing?

Ting! Ting!  The sound of a stick hitting an empty vessel, a broken comb, a rubber tire, a child in tattered pyjamas, a fragile mother carrying the weight of an impulsive act done in the moment of  short lived pleasure in her arms, this is the regular sight in a compartment of a Chennai local, precisely these are the signs of an emerging or rather I should term it as an ” on the move” India.  Yea!! guys truly, critically and vaguely India is swaggering towards the emptiness of developed world, thus being one more in the long list of being developed with low happiness quotient.

Inching towards me, as I take the local to go and watch the latest Hollywood blockbuster is a child of about 7 years with moist eyes, upper lip wet with mucus, forehead darkened as if the nature has made a sketch on the canvas with the color of soot and various metal oxides. A gifted painter indeed, the nature, but I wonder if the canvas depicts more than just the impeccable artistic quality of the nature. It shows us glimpses of “what is coming”, it raises the curtain from the harsh truth, the truth about the development and its implications on our society?

Development that has made rich richer and poor poorer, fruits of which are bore by this juvenile standing before me with folded hands and moist eyes. Even before he knows it, he will be trapped in this world of begging business and the chains of poverty clasped around his neck. The question is “Are we really developing” if rising number of rapes, increasing count of beggars and shrinking water bodies are any indications of development then yes we are developing, yes we are moving ahead. Cheer up guys!!! India is developing at great pace.

People like me talk, write and think about changing something but they seldom do. The child stood before me begging  and without looking into his eyes, I turned my head and my eyes followed the speeding trees outside.


“thoda theherne kii zarurat hai,

thoda sochne kii zarurat hai

agar bharat ko aage badhana hai

pehle aaj ko, uske baad kal ko sudhaarne kii zarurat hai”

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