“love all”- tennis season is here

The first month of a new year, it’s about a start. The start positive or negative depends and that’s not a point of discussion, here I am writing about the start of tennis season. After almost 3 months gap since we last saw a major grand slam, Australian open the first grand slam of the circuit is here and in progress.


Surprisingly this year the courts are faster and bouncy. The players are already getting used to it and the speculations in media are rife with less longer rallies pertaining to which the prediction is less viewership and a loss of interest in the game. The players are having mixed opinions with some scratching their heads over the issue while the top seeded ones are yet “getting to know the surface”. The prize has been increased to a whopping 2.6 million USD. Australian open being the very first of the grand slams of the year holds a special importance for the players because winning it gives a great head start and the momentum gained is carried into the next tournament.

For me tennis has always been a point of interest. Whether I watch the games being played or not I don’t forget to keep a tab on the progress of my favorite players in the tournament. I still remember the first tennis game I watched, it was the Australian Lleyton Hewitt playing in the Australian open and instantly like the first love he was my favorite although my loyalties changed with time but as they say “first love isn’t easy to get over with”.

This time a lot is on line with Federer at an all-time career low and the future isn’t looking so bright for the Swiss, I sincerely hope he does something more than being defeated by Monfills ( yes that wound still hurts), a tournament win would suffice. Talking of women’s circuit its again the big 3 against each other with Serena Williams looking strong, it will be interesting to see someone standing up against her.

This tournament is also a unique one because it’s not only federers, nadals or murrays against each other this time the legends of tennis are also competing with each other behind the scenes.  Djokovic being trained by six time grand slam winner Boris Becker while Stefan Edberg would help Federer on a part time basis and Murray is not far behind with eight times slam winner Ivan Lendl in his arsenal. With experts terming this as a “super coach trend”, how much of this off court expertise helps the players remains to be seen.

Thus whether this one be a one more feather in Serena William’s already over decorated hat or will it be a one more indication of passing off of an era a.k.a “Federer era”, it remains a final day call. Till then what Australian open will offer us is our share of awes and grunts .


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An Engineer by profession and a traveler by heart. Someone whom you would meet beyond the plains of reasons on the hillock of imagination in the city where"dreams go wild".

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