The confusing (BRO)ke CODE

Times when moral science used to be a subject and hadn’t disappeared into the oblivion, it had taught me a few virtues and friendship was one of them, well not really a virtue per se but you take into account the feelings, conducts and rules associated to It, you have a good mixture of virtues that define friendship. When I was a kid I had friends and foes. The foes were those bad ones who had by mistake or luck happened to anger at least one of the friends and so they found themselves at the receiving end of the hatred of the whole group. So this was friendship and foe-ship , either you were in the group or out of the group. Simple isn’t it, well so thought me until came the teenage and suddenly a new kind of relationship emerged, courtesy raging hormones or whatever is the good word for it, you take away a bit of innocence from friendship , a lot of truthfulness towards parents  and you have a whole new relation called “GIRLFRIENDSHIP”.

Yeah!! It is a ship that is created by stealing chunks of wood from all the other relations. The real problem starts when the “break up “happens, and suddenly you have a new set of rules governing the game. The girl who was made to be a friend of the whole group up till now, suddenly turns or is turned into an eyesore for everyone, you want it or not but that’s an unsaid and unwritten yet well understood rule that everyone has to adhere to.

So you see previously which was so simple now appears quite complex, isn’t it. First you have a friend, then that friend has a girlfriend which automatically makes her no matter how much irritating or chatty she is, your friend , and when you quite unexpectedly and luckily try to come to terms with the reality another tragedy(read: breakup) strikes. So that’s when you are in the dock. Then comes a new set of regulations under the name of “bro conduct”, which states that “the ex-girlfriend of a friend no matter how good a friend she was, is from now on ousted from the group and any act of maintaining any sort of proximity to the girl physical or verbal shall be deemed as an act of treason and in direct conflict with the friendship”.  Really, is that it, is that good enough of a reason to discard, disregard and destroy a friendship with someone just because she was one of the exes of a friend which is quite contrary to the basic virtues that the friendship itself stands for. The friendship that sometime ago stood on the foundation of trust and was supported by the pillars of unity is now castrated. What if that friendship was older than the time when you first understood about this “love” let alone experience it?

Now you see how arduous it is previously you either categorized someone as friend or not a friend, so your mind had to maintain just two lists, but now you have friends then there are their current girlfriends who by default are to be shown respect and treated like a friend, then there is the list of a friend’s exes, who are to be disregarded and ignored. Thus the file system with the time gets quite complex, that ultimately you  are confused and give up because it’s everyone except you who takes a call on whom you are to be friends with.

I figured out that may be the CBSE white beards were quite far sighted when they did away with the subject called moral science, when it taught you something very outdated. May be they had already foreseen the future that would ultimately end up corrupting your moral and social values, when the relations such as friendship and love which happen to be at the core of human heart are so very misunderstood and are in some serious conflict with each other. Maybe the time has come to have a new subject that would be defined on the lines of some impulsive “teenage love”, which would teach the students that ultimately it is just some fucked-up relation that ostensibly governs all the other relations or maybe I am thoroughly wrong and need to go back a few grades to have a lesson on the very obsolete “MORAL SCIENCES”.


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An Engineer by profession and a traveler by heart. Someone whom you would meet beyond the plains of reasons on the hillock of imagination in the city where"dreams go wild".

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