2O15-Happy new year :)

It is 1st January of a new year and with all the other new beginnings it has brought with it a mixed feeling of longing and enthusiasm .The longing of the bygone year 2014. It happens that when you run out of something that is when you realize the importance and meaning of the thing in your life and you yearn and whine to get some more of it. This feeling of attachment is what makes us humans and binds us together. In the hindsight we know it is just a phase and this too shall pass and there will be a point when 2014 will just be a one more year that was.

So keeping  the nostalgia aside I go to the terrace and look at the sun with its orange grandeur that was slowly turning to yellow. I take in a breath of fresh air and ponder over the phases, people and the other things in life that 2014 has taken away with it. I remember writing an article exactly 1 year back and on the very same topic, hell it was one year and it feels like yesterday, time flies in a big way indeed.

2014 is the year that brought with it a new government at the center that offered us hope and good governance. It started with the “aam aadmi” forming government in Delhi offering us a hope for a corruption free delhi. But like every other political act that losses its steam midway “aam aadmi” too failed to keep itself at the helm for long “their Chief Minister resigned in just 49 days”. After hogging media headlines for much of the latter part of 2013, the party cadre completely vanished from the scene and the only reports that came out were of internal fighting and disintegration. Then came the new poster boy of Indian politics who took the Lok Sabha electorate with a storm and BJP formed the government at the centre with a thumping majority. He continues to vow the NRI investors and is making policies with aplomb. But how far is he able to carry the burden of the expectations of a 1.2 billion electorate remains to be seen.

It was the year of FIFA world cup when my favorite Germany after faltering at the finals of many previous big ticket events finally managed to live up to the expectations and became the world champs.

On a personal note this was the year when a phase of my life ended, “the college life”. I stepped into the big “corporate shoes” that I realize are made up of an altogether different material than any other shoe that I have ever worn before. I got placed during the campus recruitments and thus started the transition. The job meant finding a new place to live, cooking my own food and managing the house that uptil now had looked as if self-managed and he easiest job done, but believe me all those hostel and PG detesters that the day you rent a house all that whining and groaning about the bad hostel and PG food will go straight out of the window. It is a whole new life wherein you have to complete your job goals from morning till evening and after that when you reach out for food in the kitchen only to find the writing on the wall “prepare your food”, that’s when your heart goes out to your mother and you are overcome with the feelings of gratification that you never got time for and your mother never desired for. Anyways “life goes on” as they say, so I came to terms with these part and parcels of this new phase after all.

We are humans and we detest the state that we are in and that is not bad as it sounds because that is what inspires us and enables us to go for a change. But we should remember to acknowledge the good attributes of each and every phase.

As I look forward to a new year I try to recollect the mistakes did in the past. The friends who boarded off the train in 2014, To them I say I will remember you and wish all happiness to you and to the one have just boarded the train I would say hello with open arms. On this new phase of my life I would say “I am learning to love you” and to 2015 I would say well to this New Year I would say “cheers”.


About The Inward Gaze

An Engineer by profession and a traveler by heart. Someone whom you would meet beyond the plains of reasons on the hillock of imagination in the city where"dreams go wild".

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