It is all a game of “perception”


Perception is the biggest power endowed to us the living beings, this is the power that makes trees a lot greener and the sky a lot distant then these truly are. Everything from as small as a daily wake cup coffee to a big assignment at office, the sheer intensity of the moment is the direct result of how we perceive the situation at hand. Einstein’s “theory of relativity” defines everything from a plane of reference; according to his theory every situation in the world is the result of this observer and object concept. Take for instance the rising sun in the morning, for us the sun is rising but for some people across the same globe the same sun appears to be setting at the same point of time. Thus we believe the sun rising because that is what is we perceive, that is the power of perception. This power is in direct sync with “seeing and believing”.

This subtlety can be applied to trivial encounters of daily life as well. In my view all the materialistic things are a result of of perception, our thoughts. The color of my laptop is black, but is it truly black who is to confirm this assumption. We all are human beings and hence we all are at the same plane of reference thus for all of us the materialistic things are of the same nature, hence the laptop is colored black indeed but who vetoes this, a friend isn’t it.

This brings us to the question of diversity between individuals, if we all have a same plane of reference then what is the difference between all of us. Surely we are not different; God has kept each of us at the same plane, so the outer world for each of us is definitely same in the color, texture and view. Then what do our spiritual gurus foresee and when they say “everyone is unique and is for a purpose, remember that there was never a “you” in the past nor there will be any in the future”. I took some time out and thought about this statement and realized that we are missing the bigger picture here. The difference is the thought process that we have; our perception of the external things drives creation of thoughts in our mind, which is where everyone is unique. Take for instance a “a river”, for a small child the sound of water gushing will be a source of pleasure but for a grown up individual it will be a river on its journey to meet the sea, or for an environmentalist it would be the polluted river water that takes the front row. Thus all take the input as water but it is their thought process that differs. The next question is what drives us to perceive something in some way and no other, surely never was anyone born with a perception. Our perception is a result of a long and steady process which starts the moment we are born and ends with our death. In between we are molded to view sky as something that “does not exist and is explored by the scientists”. Our thoughts are a result of this molding process called “education”. School education is just 10 percent of this process the rest are life experiences that shape and define us.

Not all the experiences are forgotten, they are stored in our subconscious. That is why the sight of a “rose flower” will never be of just a flower for a “heartbroken lover”. All this was therorisized by Einstein in the form of “theory of relativity” gave physics an eternal concept. But he only put down in words what human beings were experiencing since ages; the only difference is that he realized it and we do not. If you want to be happy and experience the eternal bliss, try changing your perception of things and you will never fall short of reasons smile that is the most sought after entity today.


About The Inward Gaze

An Engineer by profession and a traveler by heart. Someone whom you would meet beyond the plains of reasons on the hillock of imagination in the city where"dreams go wild".

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