Part4: The Contrast

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But if you are just like me and dont giv a fuck, well then go on 🙂

Rita lay on the gazing at the clouds in the sky, peculiar things that seemed to take a different shape each and everytime she tried to look at them . The sound of the waves hitting the shore is profound as if the vociferous sea would cut into the land and proclaim its farfetched triumph. Ram sat looking into the distance.

Rita shook his shoulder and broke his chain of thoughts.

“Tomorrow is the last day of my college”.

“Ïf anything flies, its time and it seemed to fly at a great pace” Ram thought to himself and nodded his head.

“For a farewell we are going to meet at zodiacs for a treat, get-together sort of no big deal”said Rita.

“So now, bidding goodbyes is celebrated in coffee shops, the idea seems ill conceived and preposterous to me ” Ram smirked and threw a pebble into the sea which made three bounces,

“hmm not bad ” said Rita as she got up and sat beside him. She picked a pebble and  tried to repeat the same feat, failing once again.

Maybe you should come with me and should see how preposterous it is, really now should I call you an antisocial worm but that is a little too rational for you. Maybe one of these days I can see you do a single thing differently than how do you do it every day” she said and raised her hand as she elaborated her point.

Hmm”, Ram sighed as he saw the sun going down and the same route and exactly the same way as it does everyday how can I get bored when all that he does every day is rise in the morning and set in the evening.

The regularity and the fixed pattern that governed his whole life now was a concern for his sister. The daily work and then evenings at the beach were the elements that pretty much constituted the major part of his moribund life.

The clocks have turned and it seemed to have shaped up the personalities of both the siblings quite well. To put in one line

“For him a good day is the one that started well, on the other hand for Riya a good day was the one that ended well.”

But that was 5 years back and they were still together in parts for each  other and in parts because of each other……


About The Inward Gaze

An Engineer by profession and a traveler by heart. Someone whom you would meet beyond the plains of reasons on the hillock of imagination in the city where"dreams go wild".

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