The digital marketting

As the world progresses the dust of digital market refuses to settle down. The digital marketing trend that saw the light of the day just a few years back is seeing new heights every year. Look into the past and who would have thought that advertisements will be all over the online media. The hoarding and offline advertising constitute only a fraction of this huge market. The pamphlets and circulars that used to welcome you after a long holiday trip to a distant hill station carefully tucked in the door handle have died their slow death. Now you view an advertisement even before you feel the urge to buy it.

The last year was a down point in the market and the dip was also seen in the media and advertising world. The purchases were less and so in order to optimize the spending the advertisers were cringy when it came to advertising their products. 2015 is already seeing the opposite phenomena and the market is slowly picking up from where it was before the recession.

Recently many online retailers offered eye popping discounts on Diwali. Some even went to the extent of doling out gadgets at a dirt low price. Flipkart made a sale of over a 100million on a single day which points out that buyers are also not behind in making the purchases. The “big billion day” of flipkart was advertised on a large scale, with almost all the online as well as offline media carrying headlines related to the upcoming buying extravaganza.

Also setting the stage, economists predict worldwide spending will grow a healthy 5.1 percent in 2015 as the just concluded FIFA world cup and the Asian games have added the much needed fuel to the global marketing engines. The recent visits of the head of states of China and Japan point out to the international interest in the domestic market. The pledging of about 50 billion of investments (cumulative) in India has given a push to the investor sentiment in the country.

Mr. Prime Minister has launched his “make in India” campaign which invites the foreign international business houses to set up manufacturing units in the country, thus providing employment to the masses. The government is also doing away with the retrospective tax laws and the red tape that prevents the business friendly atmosphere in the country.

All these measures are good to talk about and discussed about but these promises if implemented will increase the importance of digital media all the very more. Digital media offers the sellers to gauge the buyer’s sentiment and make a note so that the next time the user logs in and searches for the specific product he is shown the most relevant of the options. This saves the user of sorting and searching through unnecessary items and also betters the buying expression. The sellers are also using the tools of “data mining” that helps them to store the user searches and clicks on the site. Take for example you are looking for a cheap flight ticket for a journey from Delhi to Mumbai. You log on to a travel website and type in the requisites. So the next time you visit that site or any other web site for that matter you will be shown the results that are most relevant to you that is based on your past searches and lookups. This is the power of digital media.

In the middle of everything, the digital marketing will reach its tipping point and consumers will feel the need of personal feel and hands-on experience of their purchases which obviously digital sites cannot give you. But that is for the future and that is distant. So make hey while the sun shines. As of now the digital marketing is here to stay.


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